About Me

“Find a job you love, and never work a day in your life.”  Confucius

I’m Julie - your typical middle aged wife and mother of two.  Almost.  I guess there are a few special things about me. 

I have my own power tools and love to use them.   I built this desk/bookcase for my daughter (see photo), tiled this backsplash (see below) and renovated this fireplace (see below).  I have also been known to paint the same room 3 times! (I’m great at painting but not so great at picking colors).  

In the past I’ve worked as an Executive Assistant, Customer Service Rep, substitute teacher, professional housepainter and tile-setter and a travel planner (back in the day before Expedia.com) and I  have held a secret clearance for a defense contractor. My bachelor's degree in Business Administration Organizational Management.

I have lived in 12 different cities in the past 16 years as a military wife.  As you might guess, I’m a pro at packing, unpacking, and organizing cabinets and closets.

But really, most of my experience in getting things done comes from being the typical wife and mother.  I’m used to cramming 10 hours of cleaning, volunteering and errand running into a few free hours while my kids are at school.  

I am a highly motivated person and love getting things done.  I can work with you on a project and we’ll have fun doing it together, or I can do it for you.  Either way, the job WILL get done!  Call me today and let's get started!

Elizabeth's Desk / Bookcase
Backsplash - Before
Backsplash - After
Fireplace - Before.
Fireplace - After